I offer two affordable methods for personal coaching.


Personal Training Client

Training at BEAT Personal Training Facility

  • 1 Session Per Week - $180 ($45 per session)

  • 2 Sessions Per Week - $350 ($43.75 per session)

  • 3 Sessions Per Week - $400 ($33.33 per session)

  • Unlimited Training - $420

This rate is NOT based on attendance and there is no session roll over to the next month.

Paying monthly this way keeps your training more consistent, gives me more control over your program, and ultimately leads to better results for you.


Online Personal Training

Online/Distance Training

$85 per month

Although we do not meet in person, online personal training still features the same comprehensive, individualized programming as traditional training. Clients will receive a spreadsheet each month with every workout and 24/7 email support. This allows you to complete each training session on your own time.