The Best Conditioning Tools for Fat Loss

There are a lot of conditioning tools available to help you lose fat and improve aerobic/anaerobic endurance. Unfortunately, most are overpriced and unnecessary. You don’t need tons of fancy equipment for an effective conditioning workout. Here are my three favorite pieces of conditioning equipment, in order from least expensive to most.

1. Your Body – Free!

Seems obvious, but it’s true. Your body allows you to do a plethora of exercises and combinations. You can set up a bodyweight circuit anywhere you go with no cost. Your body also allows you to sprint, which is my favorite conditioning and fat loss exercise. Want to get ripped and be more athletic? Run sprints.

Your body is the cheapest and most versatile tool you can use. Start using it today!

2. Jump Rope – $10 - $20

Jumping rope is an excellent choice for conditioning, fat loss, and for improving athleticism. A good jump rope can be bought for $10-$20, so it’s also an economical option. There are many types to choose from, so you might have to try a few to see what feels best. I prefer ropes with weighted handles because the spinning motion feels smoother and faster.

You can implement the jump rope in an interval fashion (such as 30 seconds on, 30 off), do as many jumps as you can in a given time frame, or program a certain amount of jumps. Change it up and have fun with it.

3. Weight Sled - $150+

Weight sleds will be the most expensive option here, but they're still way cheaper than those $1,000 treadmills with attached TVs that populate every commercial gym.


Sleds take sprints to another level by adding weight to the movement. There's a variety of other exercises you can do with them, from heavy pushes and drags to rows. The price will depend on where you buy it from as the bigger name companies will cost a bit more. The Rogue sled pictured above is affordable at $265. No matter what you pay for it, it'll still cost less than nearly every piece of traditional cardio equipment.