Wave Loading for Strength

Wave loading is a form of resistance training where the intensity (percentage of your 1-rep maximum) and repetitions of an exercise are adjusted each set in ascending or descending order then repeated for a desired number of waves.

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How to Develop Long-Term Training Success for High School Athletes

The most dedicated high school athletes aren't just looking forward to their next game; they're looking ahead to long-term athletic development. Although many factors can halt such progress in the weight room and on the field/court, there are plenty of training factors that are within your control.

To get set up on the right path, here's a list of the most important factors that lead to training success. It may not always be easy, but following these guidelines will ensure that your progress won't stop.

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Resisted Sprinting: The Research

Resisted sprinting involves the use of equipment to provide external resistance during sprinting. The equipment used includes weight sleds, parachutes, and resistance bands, with weight sleds being the most popular. The idea behind resisted sprinting is to enhance muscular force output during movement patterns that are specific to sprinting (Cronin & Hansen, 2006). Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the effects of resisted sprinting methods on sprint speed. This article will sort through the findings in an effort to provide strength and conditioning professionals practical guidelines for implementing resisted sprinting exercises.

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4 Variations to Build Bigger Lats

Forging bigger lats is a common goal among athletes—a goal that is full of basic Rows, Pull-Ups, Pull-Downs and Pull-Overs (you're doing Pull-Overs, right?). Although there's nothing wrong with the basics, it can be nice to spice up your training a bit. Here are four back training variations designed to pump up your lats.

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3 Acceleration Drills to Get Faster

Acceleration is the act of rapidly increasing movement velocity. Maximum speed in athletics is important, but the ability to quickly turn on that speed deserves just as much focus. Here are three acceleration drills that will keep you a step ahead of your opponents.

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The Best Conditioning Tools for Fat Loss

There are a lot of conditioning tools available to help you lose fat and improve aerobic/anaerobic endurance. Unfortunately, most are overpriced and unnecessary. You don’t need tons of fancy equipment for an effective conditioning workout. Here are my three favorite pieces of conditioning equipment, in order from least expensive to most.

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The 10 Best Exercises for Improving Speed

Improving speed should be a goal for every athlete. No matter what sport you play, being faster than your opponent can be the difference between winning and losing a championship. With that in mind, I've assembled a list of the 10 best speed exercises that will leave your rivals in the dust.

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How to Improve Sleep for Better Recovery

Quality sleep every night is vital for healthy bodily function. We all know this, yet the majority of us still find ways to stay up later instead of finding ways to get in bed earlier.

Recovery occurs when you sleep. You need sleep to reach whatever fitness goals you have, whether it’s losing fat or getting stronger. You also need it to not be a brain-dead zombie every day.

To combat the sleep deprived world that we live in, I’ve compiled four tips to improve your sleep for better recovery.

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5 Ways to Stick to Your Training Program

You just purchased a new gym membership. You even got some new workout clothes to go with it. You’ve done this before three or four times, but this time is different. This time you’re going to stick with it. This time you’re finally going to get the results that you’ve been wanting.

Fast forward to a few months later and your membership card is collecting dust while those new workout clothes are buried in your closet. What happened?

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