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Spinal Decompression Techniques

One of my favorite recovery methods for the lower back is spinal decompression. Traditionally, spinal decompression refers to neural impingement therapy for conditions such as herniated discs. However, in the context of the strength and conditioning field, spinal decompression simply refers to stretching or spacing the vertebrae.

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How to Improve Sleep for Better Recovery

Quality sleep every night is vital for healthy bodily function. We all know this, yet the majority of us still find ways to stay up later instead of finding ways to get in bed earlier.

Recovery occurs when you sleep. You need sleep to reach whatever fitness goals you have, whether it’s losing fat or getting stronger. You also need it to not be a brain-dead zombie every day.

To combat the sleep deprived world that we live in, I’ve compiled four tips to improve your sleep for better recovery.

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