About me


The Difference


Training Programs, Not Workouts

Each client gets a training program, not simply a bunch of random workouts strung together. You will be systematically progressed from one phase to the next.

Complete Programs

Every aspect of fitness is trained. Strength, power, speed, body composition/fat loss, mobility, and cardiovascular conditioning are all addressed.

Current Methods

Your training programs are built upon up-to-date exercise science methodology and research.


I've been a strength coach/personal trainer since 2009. I've worked in a variety of facilities and have collaborated with Professional- and Olympic-level strength coaches. 


When clients walk through the door, they know it’s time to work. We train hard. We get results. The training culture is what makes us successful.


Personal Trainer Danny Takacs

My name is Danny Takacs. I'm a personal trainer in Cincinnati, Ohio. I thoroughly enjoy helping people reach their fitness and performance goals and I've made it my mission in life to do that for as many people as possible.

I hold the following degrees and certifications:

  • Master of Science in Exercise Science: Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention from the California University of Pennsylvania

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting

No matter what you are training for, I will get you in your prime physical condition.

Danny Takacs Personal Trainer